M1LibEd Download

In order to save bandwidth we have two distribution packages of the same program. If you decide to download the smallest, please ensure that you already have the VB5 runtime files installed on your system.

  • m1_312fu.zip (4,25 MB) is a full distribution version of the program.
  • m1_312mi.zip (3,01 MB) is a middle distribution version of the program (i.e. the full without the VB5 runtime files). The VB5 runtime files needed can also be found at this URL.
  • m1_lib_help.zip (55 Kb) is the help file of the program. It is included in other packages. Download it if you want to learn more about the program before to download other big files.
  • M1LibEd-313-XP.zip (11,4 MB) It is a beta for Win 2k and XP. (It should also work for 9x). It was provided by an enthusiastic french user (Luc[thank you Luc]).
    Setup is in french but it is quite easy to understand :-).
    Please let us know if it does work for your XP system.

Other Download Sites

When you download from sites outside october28.com, ensure that the file's name is the same as the one of the latest release.

  • Simtel.Net  has a lot of mirror site around the world. Go to the nearest and search for "m1_"