SyxLibEd Download

SyxLibEd Latest Version

In order to save bandwidth we have two distribution packages of the same program. If you decide to download the smallest ensure that you have alredy the VB5 runtime files installed on your system.

  • (4,05 MB) is a full distribution version of the program.
  • (2,75 MB) is a middle distribution version of the program (i.e. the full without the VB5 runtime files.

Tools and Documentation

  • (41 Kb) is the help file of the program. It is included in the distribution. Download it only if you wish to learn more about the program before to download other big files.
  • (1,24 MB) is the installation program of the VB5 runtime files (needed only if you install the middle distribution version without the VB5 runtime files).
  • The VB5 runtime files can also be found at this URL.


  • (117 KB) is the upgrade from version 3.0.0 (to install please follow instructions in the readme.txt).