Tabliz Documentation Tips

Think Simple

TaBliz gives its best in a simple context. Keep this in mind while you build a new database that you will manage on the WEB. If you already have an indicated database structure to deal with you'll probably get better results if you link in another database the tables you need to manage on the WEB and you work on this.

Think Two Tiers

Two tiers is the philosophy behind TaBliz. The first tier is the database side. Here you can setup a nice and robust structure with referential integrity, validation rules, linked tables, queries and so on. The second tier is the TaBliz interface. Here you just have to setup tabliz and let it do the rest of the job for you.

Think Relational

Build the right relationships in your database. You can relate tables with tables (even linked), queries with tables, queries with queries. Always keep in mind the rule that we introduced in the simple sample .

Use The Validation Rules

Validation rules and validation text are powerful tools of Access Databases. Validation text is presented by TaBliz on the WEB Interface when validation rule is violated.

Use Queries

This is very important. If you build in the mdb a query that is editable you can then edit that query also with TaBliz. You can relate a query with a given table in order to build a <SELECT> containing only the fields you want to display.