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TaBliz Latest Version

Current version of TaBliz is 8.1.5
If Windows installer is running on your system (On Win2000 for example) download and run tabz815.msi. Otherwise you need to install "Microsoft Installer" first. You'll find it at

The Setup is the same for Tabliz free, professional and enterprise. If you don't register you'll get TaBliz free. See also the TaBliz's registration page.

TaBliz must be installed on the web server!
If you work with Microsoft Interdev and you want to use the "Automatic Code Completion" feature than you need to install TaBliz also on the machine running Interdev.

System Requirement

TaBliz reqires ADO 2.1 or later and version 5.0 or above of VbScript in order to work. If you can find the file "msado20.tlb" on your system (usually under C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ado\) you are up and running. Otherwise please check out Microsoft's data access pages do get the latest version of ADO (it comes with the MDAC distribution).

Check out the version of your vbscript.dll (usually in c:\winnt\system32). The latest version of VbScript could be downloaded at Microsoft's site

Upgrade instructions

Run the new installer and follow the steps. Note that if you stop IIS before to run the installer you'll not need a reboot.