Tabliz File Manager

The Problem

One of the Frequently Asked Question in ASP is "How do I store GIF and JPEG images inside a database?"
We agree with the answer you can find in aspfaq:
I *strongly* recommend storing the file in the filesystem and its LOCATION in the database.

The Solution

With TaBliz the job is as easy as a game! Check the following lines:

Set TBLZ = Server.CreateObject ("Tabliz.AdminRecordset")
TBLZ.FileFields.Add "PictureFile"
TBLZ.DatabasePath = "C:\db\mydb.mdb"
TBLZ.Recordset = "Persons"
set TBLZ = nothing

The line to foucus on is

TBLZ.FileFields.Add "PictureFile"

Here you decide wich of your files in the recordset shoud be trated as files. In this case the field name is PictureFile. Beside the input field for the Field 'PictureFile' in the generated EditForm, TaBliz add a button like this:

Normally if you click that button you'll get a window similar to this one (click to enlarge):