Zephyrus Smart Searcher

Smart Search Your Site's Content

It often happens that you wish to give your visitor the possibility to search for words contained in your site's documents. IIS 4.0 and above comes with "Index Server" which is great but often too difficult to set-up and mantain. So it happens that you give-up. With Zephyrus you can easily perform the task with little code.

So what?

Zephyrus is free. Download the file and try the sample inside.
Latest version is 1.0.8. The filename is zephy108.zip (about 50k) Install instruction inside. If after install you get an automation error then you need the VB6 Runtime ond/or to update your vbscript engine.

Hot problems and solutions :-)

You can get a permission deny while using the component. Here is the solution.

An Enthusiastic User!

Gregory Gillam (april 2004):
I can't belive it!,
I have spent two weeks trying out asp scripts to search my large site (5,000 pages), I thought I was going to have to pay for a $300 indexing search program.
Also, I have fried my brain trying to figure out the MSIndexing services. With your little script, I just pop the files in each directory I want to give my visitors to search and it happens, and it is FAST also. Thanks!


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And Next?

Give us your feedback and don't forget to check out also TaBliz another great tool that helps you on your site building. and Getter.

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