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April 8, 2020: I wonder if you read this note :-) TaBliz was a happy story. There is a porting in .NET available. If you are intrested write me one email at

December 8, 2002: Release 8.1 shipped. There is a new Html Editor object. It allows you to directly put HTML code in the DB's fields using a friendly WYSIWYG editor

March 21, 2002: Release 6.6 shipped. There is a new calendar object for Date fields.

February 18, 2002: Release 6.0 shipped. Now featuring a brand new File manager to manage your files on the database. Allways at incredible prices!

TaBliz is a server side component which builds a complete web interface for your data. Jump to our sample to understand the meaning of this.

If you are involved with the development of web pages dealing with data in an Internet, intranet or extranet context, you should absolutely download TaBliz, a shareware low cost tool that will do the slave job for you.

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First of all read our introduction on TaBliz. For more details you can read the documentation section of our site and some of our articles.
Also subscribe TaBliz's discussion list and read our tips to achieve the best out of your slave.

A beta version of the user manual is available

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